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 Cut it, it's getting annoying!

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Cut it, it's getting annoying! Empty
PostSubject: Cut it, it's getting annoying!   Cut it, it's getting annoying! EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 2:08 pm

Why you guys believe Dimitris is my bro?
We just started playing COD together a year ago and we still play together and have fun. My house is 3 Km away from his. We're just friends! I know him from 3 years old. Maybe we are like brothers cause we know each other for so many years but we are NOT! Mad Mad
And now because he left clan, you think that I'm a bad person and you tell me "I don'tlike Dimitris and blah blah" I don't fucking care what you thing about Dimitris. I'm here, he's not. You like me? OK! You don't like me, tell it to me!
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Cut it, it's getting annoying!
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